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"I didn't really do much on this album, there's just a couple of OK solos and some acoustic work. The playing on 'I Don't Wanna Wait' wasn't too bad I guess and I also got to do some backing vocals on this album too..." DK

Ken Hensley

1. Overture: "La Tristeza Secreta De UnCorazon Gitano
2. Prelude: A Minor Life
3. Out Of My Control
4. You've Got It
5. The Final Solution
6. Its Up To You
7. Finney's Tale
8. I Close My Eyes
9. A Little Piece Of Me (Julia's Song)
10. Free Spirit
11. Movin' In
12. Let Me Be Me
13. I Don't Wanna Wait
14. Tell Me

DAVE KILMINSTER Lead Guitar: Tell Me. Guitar Solo: Prelude: Out Of My Control. Guitars: You've Got It, The Final Solution, Free Spirit, I Don't Wanna Wait. Acoustic Guitars: I Close My Eyes. Vocals: I Don't Wanna Wait.

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