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"I have a very soft spot for this album (despite the exceedingly dodgy barnet on the cover!). I'm still very proud of the compositions... The album came about because I'd been fiddling with some tunes on classical guitar, which I thought sounded quite nice. I showed them to Fraser (an ex student of mine, now making far too much money as the guitarist with Craig David!!) who liked them too. I thought it would be fun to work out some extra guitar parts, so I showed him the tunes and we jammed. It was so much fun!!! I think we really had a 'thing' happening, an inexplicable mental connection where we pushed, supported and inspired each other. The whole really did become greater than the sum of the parts." DK

Dave Kilminster & Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith

1. Aragon
2. Love Is Blue
3. Cloudbathing
4. The Music Box
5. Lake Placid
6. The Scorpion
7. Siesta Resistance
8. Japan
9. Rites Of Autumn
10. Midnight Sun

P & © 1996 Dave K