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"My friend Martin Orford's solo album. I was asked in near the end to play the awkward bits again!! One particular thing that Martin wanted me to do was to double one of his keyboard solo lines. It was quite a long and complex tune and when I finished he cheerfully informed me that he couldn't actually play the part himself and had programmed it instead!!! Sometimes having a reputation isn't all it's cracked up to be!" DK

Martin Orford

1. The Field Of Fallen Angels
2. A Part Of Me
3. Quilmes
4. The Days Of Our Lives
5. Fusion
6. The Final Solution
7. The Picnic
8. The Overload
9. Tatras
10. Evensong


DAVID KILMINSTER Lead Guitar: A Part Of Me, The Final Solution. Acoustic Guitar: The Field Of Fallen Angels

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