Album Discography


"I was very honoured to be asked to play on this album, considering the calibre of guitarists already ear marked to contribute. I naturally assumed that there would be loads of frantic guitar playing on it and did what I always do... see where everyone else is going and then head off in the opposite direction!

I recorded a tune called 'If The Moon...'. The vocal version is included on the 'Cosmogenic' album but I originally wrote it as an instrumental piece... It sounded pretty good, I just wish that I could have used real strings on it (violins, violas etc)...

Maybe next time." DK


27 tracks of total guitar wizardry (various artists)

1. Dark Ages - Richard Daude
2. Fives - Guthrie Govan
3. Ritual Dance At The Foot Of The Mountain Of Om Al Saiif - Terry Syrek
4. Schrodinger's Cat - Stephen Ross
5. Seasons - Richard Hallebeek
6. The Rain - Todd Duane
7. Crash & Burn - Marc Pattison
8. What The Hell! - Dave Martone
9. Common Ground - Scott Hughes
10. Whatever It May Be - Magnus Olsson
11. Mafalda - Bumblefoot
12. Out In The Boonies - Phi Yann-Zek
13. Rising Of The Mourning Son - Lyle Workman
14. Sometimes I Still Miss You - Milan Polak

1. Valse Diabolique - Mario Parga
2. Tell Me - Derryl Gabel
3. Screaming Chicken - Joboj
4. Neverland - Stefan Rosqvist
5. Day Off - Scott Stine
6. Phase 4 - Joy Basu
7. If The Moon... - Dave Kilminster
8. War Of The Angels - Rusty Cooley
9. Barock - Cyril Achard
10. Bad Luck Go Away - Brett Garsed
11. Super Charged - Rob Johnson
12. The Prophecies Of Loki - Stephan Forte
13. Olga - Vladimir Korovin