Album Discography



The Illusion's Reckoning
Mantra Vega

  1. Every Corner
  2. Island
  3. Veil of Ghosts
  4. Lake Sunday
  5. Mountain Spring
  6. In a Dream
  7. Learning to be Light
  8. I've Seen Your Star
  9. Island (Reprise)
  10. The Illusion's Reckoning
  11. Mountain Spring (Acoustic)

Mantra Vega is a new transatlantic progressive rock band from Heather Findlay and Dave Kerzner (founding members of the bands Mostly Autumn and Sound of Contact respectively) along with Chris Johnson (Halo Blind/Mostly Autumn), Stu Fletcher (We Could Be Astronauts), Alex Cromarty (Mostly Autumn) and featuring legendary guitarist David Kilminster (Roger Waters/Steven Wilson).

Melding together their wide range of styles and influences in Progressive, Classic and Alternative Rock, Mantra Vega offers a fresh blend of female and male lead vocals and harmonies which deliver many a poignant message dressed in atmospheric soundscapes, emotional dynamics and captivating moods. With Heather Findlay's expansive vocals which range from pure and angelic to raw and powerful, to the lush and intricate keys, guitars and sound design of Dave Kerzner and Chris Johnson, to soaring guitar leads and licks from Dave Kilminster, all sailing the soulful groove of the Cromarty/Fletcher rhythm section, there's something for fans of artists like Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Yes, The Beatles, Sigur Ros and more.

The Illusion's Reckoning album features lead vocals from Heather Findlay; keyboards and vocals from Dave Kerzner whilst at the band's core is rhythm section Alex Cromarty on drums and bassist Stu Fletcher along with lead, rhythm and acoustic guitarists Chris Johnson (Halo Blind) and Dave Kilminster. Joining the project for special guest appearances are Nightwish's Troy Donockley on vocals and lead guitar; Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) lead guitar; Irene Jansen (Star One/Ayreon) on vocals; Angela Gordon (Mostly Autumn/Odin Dragonfly) on recorders and vocals and Dutch woodwind player, Remko de Landmeter on Bansuri.

"The Illusion's Reckoning is a concept album which flows more like a film score than a more typically linear piece. The album's journey is painted with far reaching audio moodscapes, which in their diversity, purposely echo thoughtful lyrical themes. The album is delivered in a predominantly progressive rock package, but at times takes on a hard rock, contemporary, retro, and even acoustic, folksy twist..."

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