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"My friend and manager Martin Darvill put this little baby together. He called up all his musician friends to contribute, asking them to chose which bits they wanted to play on. I was on tour whilst this was being done and by the time I got back all that was left were all the bits and sections that no one else wanted to improvise over because they were too difficult!!!! Umm... thanks?!" DK

Various artists

1. Greatest Show "From The Beach" excerpt, including Cacaphony
2. Modern Man
3. Ceremony
4. Greatest Show "Rest of our lives" excerpt, including Cacophony
5. I Must Go "Mother Nature" excerpt, "Rest of our Lives" excerpt
6. I Will Love You Forever
7. I Must Go Reprise including "The Greatest Show", "Mother Nature" excerpt
8. Don't Touch The Marble
9. Greatest Show "Paradise is Waiting" excerpt
10. Sodium City
11. Circus In The Sky
12. I Am The Future
13. Greatest Show "Rest Your Weary Mind" excerpt
14. The Only Way To Fly
15. In Search Of The Holy Grail Including Cacophony
16. The Greatest Show On Earth Parts 1 to 6

DAVID KILMINSTER Lead Guitar: Greatest Show "From The Beach", Modern Man, Ceremony (duet).

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