2004 Gallery

Keith Emerson Band - featuring Keith Emerson, Dave Kilminster, Phil Willams and Pete Riley - Oct-Dec 2004, American Tour

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The stage is set (sort of...)
My pedal board
Phil is an Octopus!!!
Dave is a Jellyfish!!!
A leafy Seadragon... so beautiful...
Caught in a viscious shark's mouth
Last minute rehearsals
Book signing at Music Millenium
Book signing at Music Millenium
Scorpions Drum solo
A unique view...
Robbie...guitar roadie and general lifesaver!!!
The latest in hi tech headphones!
Will and Keith on the bus
Happy Birthday Keith!!
Phil in traffic
Dave with his rig
Backstage view of the Scorpions!
One of our big trucks
Our youngest fan ever!!!
Rockline Radio show
ME being arty again with a fountain in Austin
Outside the gig in Phoenix
Keith, Alice and me...
That bunny is just not going to come out...
Side view of Scorpions gig
Dave meets Ronnie James Dio!!!
There's worse places to do an interview
Dave, Pat Travers and Keith
Blue for you...
Go on then, impress me!!!
Really sad the tour is over...
But really happy to be going home!!!
BB Kings
BB Kings

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