Clarification on upcoming projects

In Dave's own words:

***A serious announcement (hence my 'teacher' glasses!!)***

In light of all the recent 'Desert Trip' (Roger Waters @ Coachella) & Steven Wilson announcements, I'd just like to clarify a few things...

1/ Yes, I'll be playing guitar with Roger in October...

2/ No, the 'other' Dave won't be involved. Or Nick for that matter... Roger left Pink Floyd over thirty(!!) years ago, so it may just be time to accept that and move on!!

3/ Yes I'm still playing guitar for Steven Wilson, and I'll be there for all the Summer festivals, and in India, Australia & New Zealand later in the year...

4/ Yes, I'm also working on a new solo album!! Much darker & more experimental than anything I've ever done before...

So yeah, it's looking like the rest of the year will be pretty damn amazing!!!

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