Jason Becker Riffaxelerator recording

Between rehearsals for the latest Steven Wilson touring dates, Dave has managed to make it into the studio to record something special for Jason Becker and his fans - joining other professional guitarists in re-recording Jason's licks as part of a project for a unique guitar teaching app, proceeds from which will go directly to Jason's family to help them with the expense of supporting him.

"The riffaxelerator is an amazing new app, that allows you to learn some of Jason Becker's scariest guitar parts!!

The pieces are all tabbed out & broken down into tiny, bite sized exercises, which can be played back at a variety of tempos so that you can easily learn and play along.

Making a small donation will allow you to access the lessons, and ALL the money goes to Jason and his family to help with medical costs.

I really am so very proud to be a part of this project, and all the guitarists involved have done an amazing job!!! Please check it out... 😊😊😊"


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