Dave's much anticipated new solo album "...and THE TRUTH will set you free..." has been released worldwide this September 22nd.

This incredible project sees Dave reunited with drummer Pete Riley and bassist Phil Williams, who toured with Dave as part of the Keith Emerson Band, and also recorded with Dave on his first solo rock album "Scarlet - The Director's Cut".

For the last eight years Dave has been the featured lead guitarist with Roger Waters, joining Roger on his last two record breaking world tours: "The Dark Side of the Moon Live" and (the highest grossing tour by a solo act ever) "The Wall Live" - footage of which also featured in the "Roger Waters: The Wall" documentary, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2014.

Says Dave about his new CD: "I called it 'The Truth' partly because the world is so full of lies now... not just in music, but everywhere; for example, you can't look at a picture in a magazine that hasn't been cropped, tinted and heavily photo-shopped, so that it's no longer an accurate representation of reality.

"I wanted an album that was as real as possible - just some guys playing together in a room, and then me stacking up the vocal harmonies - without auto-tune! And getting a real string quartet to come in and play, rather than using keyboard 'strings', which is what most people do".

The result is a breath-taking collection of songs that really show how much heart and soul Dave has poured into his music; with nods to early influences such as Led Zeppelin and Queen, and featuring stunning harmonies as well as showcasing the amazing guitar work for which he is well known.

The album is available digitally through Amazon UK, Amazon US and iTunes (with previews) and in CD format in the UK here...

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