Dave to perform with Guthrie Govan and Murray Hockridge PLUS Guitar Break

Dave performing with Guthrie Govan and Murray Hockridge! Guitar Break and Recording News!


Hi Folks!!

Murray and Dave - Performing 25 November

Just writing this while sat in the studio with Murray mixing our album... :O) I am just so ridiculously proud of this recording so far, and ecstatic with the way it's come out!! REALLY can't wait for everyone to hear it!!!! 

We'll probably finish mixing in the next two weeks, but unfortunately it's now unlikely to be out before Xmas...

But a brand new release for 2010 sounds so much better anyway!!! :O)

We may even put some tasters up on our website in the next few weeks... 
If you haven't seen our website already, then please visit:

It's work in progress at the moment, but we hope you like it... :O)

Murray and I been in the studio WAY too much recently and consequently haven't played live in long while... So we're pretty excited about our show (possibly our last this year!!) on 25th November at La Raza in Cambridge... So come bearing gifts... :O)

We begin at approximately ten pm. Find out more here:

Surprise NYC Roger Waters Charity Appearance

A few weeks ago Roger Waters asked if I would fly out to New York to play a tune with him at the Rita Hayworth Gala for Alzheimer's Association... I of course said yes!!!

I love helping out at charity events. It's great to be able to do the thing that I love, and help raise money for worthy causes at the same time... especially at the world famous Waldorf Hotel!!! (Sorry, we're all out of Waldorfs.... ;O)

This was a pretty big event too, with all sorts of celebrities in attendence....
John McEnroe (my favourite tennis player ever!!!), (author) Jay McInerney, David Hyde Pierce (The brother in Frasier!!), Dan Aykroyd (who you gonna call?!!), (TV presenter) Regis Philbin, (TV chef) Eric Ripert and Art Garfunkel!!

Unfortunately Art wasn't singing... Art was there for Art's sake.... sorry!!!

Brooke Shields was also there, wandering around backstage and looking rather stunning.... and they auctioned one of Rogers guitars to help raise money too... :O)

Dave performs with Guthrie Govan 
December 6th and 10th - Rare UK Dates

Erotic Cakes update!!! Guthrie Govan and I will playing not one, but TWO gigs... in the UK!!!!! Yes, I can't quite believe it either...

The first is on the 6th December in Braintree, Essex... I still don't have the full details yet, but I'll post them as soon as I get 'em!!!

It is something to do with these guys though, so feel free to hassle them!!!

The second is on 10th December in conjunction with Guitar Techniques and PMT Music, somewhere in darkest Birmingham

'Erotic Cakes' also features Pete Riley on drums (who also played on 'Scarlet'), and Guthrie's brother Seth Govan on bass guitar... So if you're a fan of crazy instrumental music and ridiculous guitar playing, then come along and fill your boots!!!

Find out more here:

Guitar Break - Special! Live Instruction 
November 28 and 29

Finally, I'll be doing a teaching weekend for those lovely chaps at 'Guitar Break' on 28th/29th November in Guildford... They're always great fun, and I'm really looking forward to it!!!

I think there maybe one or two spaces left, so if you're stuck for a Xmas gift idea then this might just be the perfect present.... :O) 
For more information:

iCon "Urban Psalm" Live Performance DVDs

By the way, if you were at the iCon show last February (featuring John Wetton and Geoff Downes), then you'll be pleased... nay ecstatic to hear that the DVD's are now back from the press and should be heading your way very soon.... Postal strikes permitting!!!!

And if you weren't at the show I believe a limited number will be made available to buy... We'll keep you posted!!

Take care out there people... and if you're struggling to find the perfect present, then 'Scarlet' and 'Playing With Fire' CD's are still available from my website: You can find Scarlet internationally, including at iTunes and and, but Playing with Fire is only available from

Editors note: please also send copies of your website orders to for immediate dispatch.

D x 

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