Vintage Guitar Show

Hi Folks!

Just writing this quickly as we prepare for yet another intrepid jaunt across the ocean... this time Guthrie Govan and I are heading to Denmark to play at the Vintage Guitar Show in Svendborg this coming Saturday (26th September).

We're obviously taking the rest of the 'Erotic Cakes' with us (Seth Govan -  Bass, and Martin Johnson - drums, standing in for Pete Riley)... and will 
undoubtedly play far too many notes, and consume far too much alcohol along the way... :O)

If you're in the area then feel free to drop by!!!Vintage Guitar Show 2009

I've also just put up the photos from our recent trip to the beautiful town 
of Fiorano, Italy...Sorry they're pretty much all scenic shots, but the crew just couldn't take pictures of the band AND hold their drinks at the same time... :O/

On the recording front Murray Hockridge and I have been putting the finishing touches to our first album together... It's all sounding rather wonderful, and I really can't wait for everyone to hear it!! Rest assured we will get it out there as soon as possible!!!

By the way, I went down to check out Anne-Marie Helder's band 'Panic Room' the other week at 'The Peel' in Kingston upon Thames... what a great evening!! I had so much fun that I ended up getting on stage with them, and jamming through their final number 'Sandstorms'... :O)

Fortunately Howard Rankin was there with his trusty camera to capture the moment too...

And finally, 'Icon' fans will be pleased to hear that the long awaited (and  limited edition) live DVD from our London show at St-Mary-Le-Bow Church last February is now at the pressing plant!!! Just in case you don't know, 'Icon' is the pet project of the hit songwriting duo John Wetton (vocals - bass) and Geoff Downes (keyboards - vocals) from Asia (the band, not the continent!!).Also featured on the live DVD are Pete Riley (drums), former 'ELO' cellist Hugh McDowell (on cello!!), Anne-Marie Helder (Panic Room - Mostly Autumn) on vocals and flute, and umm.... Oh, me on guitar and vocals!!!

I haven't seen the final version yet, but it's a beautiful old church so I'm very intrigued to see the results!!

Take care out there... very best wishes,

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