Cambridge Rock Festival

Hey everyone!!

Just taking a quick break from recording to remind you all that Murray Hockridge and I will be playing at the Cambridge Rock Festival this 
coming Saturday 8th August...

We'll be on stage at 1:45pm, and we're also filming and recording the event, so please feel free to come along and make a lot of noise!!! You may even get your mug on camera!!! :O)

And speaking of recording, the studio sessions with Murray are going amazingly well!!! :O) We've already recorded thirteen tracks in the last four days, and are having so much fun that we're all set to throw down some more tunes tomorrow... :O)

We'll obviously keep you updated with all the details, and I'll try and get a little studio photo blog together very soon...

Take care out there,
Dave x

PS... I have an intense dislike of YouTube and all it represents, but someone sent me a clip recently from a show I played at in Italy with Guthrie Govan last month...

And it did capture a really nice moment... Guthrie and I playing 73 notes together in perfect harmony... :O)

Hope you enjoy it.... try not to blink though, as you may miss it!!!


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