Pictures from the Pistoia Blues Festival

Yes it's been another busy few days, but I've finally managed to sort out the gig pictures from the Pistoia Blues Festival in Italy that I played at recently with my friend Guthrie Govan... see the Gallery section to view these.

The first three were taking by my friend Anna Abbate... :O)

And all the others are courtesy of Marco (Mr. Panda) our fab driver/roadie... :O) Hope you enjoy them...

I took a load of scenic ones as well, which I'll try and include in the next newsletter...

Murray Hockridge and I will now be playing the Cambridge Rock Festival on Saturday 8th August!!!

I'm sorry if this has messed anyone's plans up, but it's due to circumstances beyond our control...

Rest assured though, we will definitely Rock Cambridge on that day... :O)

Speaking of which, I hope you're all having a rocking week out there!!!

Take care,

Dave x


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