Pistoia Blues Festival

Just writing this quickly as I'm preparing to fly to Italy tomorrow for a couple of gigs at the Pistoia Blues festival this Friday 3rd July.

I'm playing an electric set with my good friend Guthrie Govan in the afternoon on the main stage, and later on in the evening I'm performing a solo acoustic show... which I don't do very often so that should be very interesting!!

Feel free to check out the website, but also bear in mind that it is Italy, so the details/times/names are likely to be wrong, or change without any notice whatsoever!!!

But do come along and say 'ciao' if you're in the area!! :O)

There's actually a whole bunch of fun stuff happening over the next few weeks, but we'll try and get another newsletter out very soon to let you all know what I'm actually up to!!! Fans of the Hockridge Kilminster project should be pleased though!!!

By the way, I was very upset last week to hear the sad news concerning Michael Jackson... and further saddened by the fact that he didn't seem to have one good friend in the world to look out for him... what a waste.

Anyway I recorded these two pieces for the Michael Jackson audition and, as a little tribute I've decided to put them up on my website and MySpace sites... Hope you enjoy them...

The 'Beat It' solo is always a lot of fun to play, but I was really pleased with my interpretation of the keyboard solo in 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough'... which I obviously played on guitar... :O)

Take care out there!

Very best wishes, 
Dave x


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