A special treat for German fans

Dave will be playing in duo with acoustic guitarist Murray Hockridge for the first time in public on Friday December 7th. We know this is late notice, but we think it is a special opportunity and hope you can join us as Dave and Murray take the stage. The venue is the Woden Halle in Freiburg, Germany. The fun begins at 8:30pm.
Murray's voice has been deemed special by fans and critics and his original compositions fascinating while his interpretation of cover songs are memorable.

There should be two one hour sets - so if you really love the first set, you can hang around and see the second! Dave is looking forward to this and we hope you are too! This marks the first public performance of two of England's finest guitarists.

You can learn more about Murray at, or his primary website:

Here are some more links to help you... ...and in good ol' English (ish!!): CLICK HERE

Dave is looking forward to the gig, which is intimate and exciting, and provides an opportunity to showcase two extraordinary British Guitarists.



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