Dave is best known as one of the dominant progressive rock guitarists in the world. However his playing has always been multi-faceted and he collaborated on a very, very different album with vocalist Chip Jenkins (who has now moved on to a career in jazz). Dave wrote the songs with Chip and provided his always extraordinary guitarwork, as well as keyboards and backing vocals, to the album, which also features drummer Pete Riley (a fellow member of the Keith Emerson Band and the drummer for Dave's more recent rock album, Scarlet.). "If the Moon", one of the most popular tracks of the album, is one that Dave has performed both instrumentally and with lyrics. We've uploaded this track to the Cosmogenic page - click here to listen.

For the Holiday season, we have a small supply of Cosmogenic to offer fans. Purchase Cosmogenic alone for 11 GBP. Purchase along with Scarlet and Playing with Fire, which provide a stunning panorama of Dave's versatility, for a special price of 26.99 GBP. Shipping is available worldwide.



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