Manny's Music Meet & Greet

A special thanks to everyone who came to Manny's Music in NYC. What a great time! Dave and all who came thoroughly enjoyed the fun, laughter and conversation as Dave spent an hour and a half with some old friends, some new, and some who will become even better friends in the future.

We took as many snaps as we could of Dave with you all... professional photogs and friends Marco and Kristen were there, too... and we can't wait to see their pictures which are sure to be super! (One of Marc's many Dave K photos graces the back cover of Scarlet!)

Thanks to Manny's and everyone who came down to share the joy and the laughter... from people who just wanted to say hi, cause they'd seen a show, aspiring guitarists, sophisticated music industry pros, and long time friends from, myspace, and those who've been round and followed Dave through his career with the rock greats - Roger Waters, Keith Emerson, John Wetton, Carl Palmer and all the wonderful musicians who are just too numerous to name all at once.
Watch this space for the pics!



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