Carol Miller meets Dave K

Dave met up with Sirius Radio hall of fame disk jockey Carol Miller last week in new york city. Here are some exclusive photos as well as a link to Carol's own website and comments about Dave. Watch for a link to the broadcast piece, soon! Dave had a great time and it looks like Carol did too! A Sirius tradition is to have stars sign a wall in the lobby - Dave's added his thoughts and name to the other rock and roll greats who've passed through the halls of the satellite radio's studios.

Carol's comments on Dave:

Keep a lookout for...Dave Kilminster
He's got a tough job, but someone's gotta do it...
Dave is a winner of Britains' 'guitarist of the Year' award...and he's doing a great job on the 'David Gilmour part' on the Roger Waters tour...just played the Continental and the Garden, and will be back with Roger Waters on 7/7 for the Live Earth concert at at Giants Stadium...I just met Dave thru my friends at the BBC, a really cool guy,... he's also worked with Keith Emerson and other British legends, and just put out his own album "Scarlet." So, keep a lookout for him!




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