Message from Dave

Hey Folks,
Just wanted to pass on this sad news from Paul Cornford (maker of Cornford Amps), re Guthrie Govans new album 'Erotic Cakes'...

"Last night the Cornford building was ram raided and around 6000 Erotic Cakes CD's were stolen along with guitars etc etc.

If anyone is offered the record from an "unusual" source, it would be great if you could let us know, The record is only available from Cornford Records direct, Abstract Logic, and Inside Out Records, those are currently the only official places to buy, apart from getting a copy from one of the band.

Sad but true as the song goes,

Take care and peace,


P/S if anyone sees the loverly 69 Les Paul Custom that Guthrie used at the NEC shows it would great to know, as that went too."

If you have any info on this then PLEASE pass it on to Paul, either via the Cornford link (, or send it to me at I believe the record is also officially available from Lick Library, so don't worry about those!! More updates later...

Thanks, Dave


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