Guitar Break reminder

Dave has long been one of the ACM's (Academy of Contemporary Music, located in Guilford, UK) favourite instructors... so much so that Neville Marten couldn't resist bringing him on board as a special guest for one of his Guitar Break Weekends. Seems like Dave just agreed to do it yesterday, but in fact it's coming up next weekend (March 18th and 19th)!!! There is still time to sign up... if you have always wanted to experience Dave's teaching live in a small group setting then click here for details.

If you just can't get there, don't worry!! Dave will be providing a short diary and photos of the event on his return... Watch next week for his commentary. And you can still experience his teaching in GT (Guitar Techniques) magazine with its CD/DVDs, and his ever increasing collection of instructional DVDs for Lick Library... More to follow on both of those, shortly!



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